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First of all, I would like to introduce myself.  I am Matt Ross, family photographer.  I am married and a father of three children aged six and under.  Family and photography keeps me pretty busy, but I do manage to play tennis for a local club and ride my road bike around the Surrey Hills.  In what now seems like a different life I used to work in finance, and think myself fortunate to have worked in a Big Four professional services firm and the Formula One industry for several years (if you’re going to work in finance, at least do it somewhere interesting!)  But once I discovered the great joy in creating captivating family images for other people, my first career was consigned to history, and Matt Ross Photography was born.

Family photography, the way it should be

Let’s take the time to have some truly meaningful photographs created, in a place close to your heart.  We’ll capture the unique things that make your family special, and save them for you to cherish in the future.  The shoot won’t feel like a formal photo shoot – the aim is to simply go out and have as much fun as possible.  That way we will capture your family’s true character.  Formal posing and saying cheese is strictly prohibited!  We’ll capture the entire spectrum of your family’s emotions, from crazy to calm, silly to serious, and everything in-between.  Capturing what makes you, you.

We’ll go to a place you love to visit as a family.  You know the place – it’s where you walk the dog, go for family picnics, fly kites together, ride bikes through the woods or build epic sandcastles.  It’s the place where nobody looks at their phones.

Of course, you could also have a family photo shoot at home.  After all, as they say, home is where the heart is.  Children playing with their favourite toys in their own environment always makes for really meaningful photographs.

Be passionate about printing

In this digital age I believe it is more important than ever to be passionate about printing.  Printing your photographs is simply the best way to do them justice, to enjoy them every day, and to preserve them for the future.

This is why I’ll place printing at the heart of your project.  We’ll start with the question – “how would you like to enjoy your favourite photographs every day?”  I know that you would like to display your favourite photographs as art work on your walls, but you need a little help to make sure you choose something that looks amazing.  I’ll be your interior designer.  I have chosen the best display options I can find, so that you can be sure that your photographs will look incredible on your wall.  I will work alongside you, in person, to design the right pieces for your home.  I’ll take care of the entire ordering process too.

So don’t settle for the usual 6x4s...instead imagine a beautiful 40x30 inch framed family portrait in your home.  One-of-a-kind, bespoke wall art created just for you.  Photographs belong on paper – so let’s work together to do some spectacular printing!

Of course, you can’t display all your favourite photographs on the wall, so I also offer luxury albums.  A leather-bound fine art album will allow you to properly preserve your precious photographs for generations to come.  Imagine a quiet moment in 20 or 30 years time, when you may have your grandchildren on your knee, and you open my luxury album to be transported back to family life today.  An album becomes more and more valuable over time.

I’m excited to show you the possibilities of print.